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Meet Isabelle Hetu of Gallerie Hetu

Isabelle has been hand producing textiles through sewing, quilting, weaving, crocheting and more or over 40 years. She draws satisfaction from creating pieces of functional art. "I design for aesthetics  and  functionality. My items are designed to be beautiful, but also durable and meant for everyday use. I want my products elevate...


Meet Lucille Espetveidt of HomeStyle Charm

Lucille Espetveidt, owner of knitted goods brand HomeStyle Charm, shares how she got started, her inspiration, and her favorite Bonnyville restaurant. You can find Lucille's creations  HERE .  How did you get started knitting? "I remember being at my Memere's house when I was about 10 or 12. I asked her to teach me to knit,...


How Many People Will Shop Online in 2021

With the rise of  ecommerce , it’s only natural that the number of online shoppers worldwide rises along with it. As it stands in 2021, the number of digital buyers is at  2.14 billion . That makes 27.6 percent of the  7.74 billion people in the world . In other words, more than one out of every four people you see around you is an online...


Christy Creek Honey Farm

Christy Creek Honey produces local honey and other hive products. It is a small, family run business in the heart of summer blooms. Christy Creek Honey offers hive tours (June - early September). Learn about bees, taste a sample of their honey, hear their buzzing, see the scenery and blooms, and smell the fresh county air. Bee themed and locally made...


Most Popular Products for Online Shopping in 2021

You may be surprised at the items and trends that are 'in demand' online this year. Many items in the list are very mundane, but there are a few shockers. Click the button below to read about the trends in online shopping and a few items you just might want to buy early. View the Full List


Meet Lindsay Johnson of Handcrafted by Elle & Bee

Lindsay Johnson of Handcrafted by Elle & Bee in her 'she shed' where she does all the wood cutting, sanding, painting and designing of her handmade decorative signs in Cold Lake, Alberta. Lindsay is passionate about her craft and has an ever-present hunger to keep learning. "Challenges motivate me and I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone." ...


Welcome to the Alberta iMarket

We are a brand new web site but already we feature more than 80 vendors and more than 1000 products. We are striving to grow quickly and help as many businesses as we can to get online. This platform is aimed at businesses that have previously been unable to get their products and services online, or have had difficulty doing so. We've removed the...