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Meet Isabelle Hetu of Gallerie Hetu


Isabelle has been hand producing textiles through sewing, quilting, weaving, crocheting and more or over 40 years. She draws satisfaction from creating pieces of functional art.

"I design for aesthetics and functionality. My items are designed to be beautiful, but also durable and meant for everyday use. I want my products elevate everyday moments for people, whether they're washing dishes, taking a shower, or reading on the couch."

Isabelle learned weaving during a weaving demonstration at the ACFA (French Cultural Centre) in Bonnyville. The Leclerc loom she weaves with is made in Quebec and 100+ years old. It originally belonged to the Caouette and LaPointe families in Bonnyville. When they were clearing space in the 1980s, Isabelle's mother bought her the loom. Isabelle has made good use of it, and it has held up well over the years.  

Originally from Beaumont, Alberta, Isabelle Hetu has called Bonnyville home for over 45 years. An avid volunteer, Isabelle regularly donates quilts to the Bonnyville Health Foundation, and she is the founding member of Comfort Quilts --a non-profit that donates quilts to cancer patients. Now semi-retired from her career as a commercial lender, she enjoys having more time to devote to her craft in her home studio by Moose Lake.